Value Based Culture

CFIC believes in conducting its business in an ethical and fair manner. Its 5 values namely Customer Centricity (C), Integrity (I), Transparency (T), Teamwork (T) and Innovation (I) – CITTI – are ingrained across the organization and forms a base for the work culture at Endurance Technologies. Values are a way of life at CFIC.

Leadership Development

Chandan Foundry believes in creating leaders from within. One of the major people interventions at CFIC creating a leadership pipeline for the future. Young leaders are spotted early in their career journey using various assessment methods and groomed for future leadership positions by exposing them to structured development interventions.

Employee Engagement

Chandan Foundry values its human assets and believes in getting them to contribute to the growth of the organisation by driving a sense of ownership and pride. At CFIC, there is free flow of information across the organisation, ideas and opinions at all levels thereby fostering our value of Transparency. We believe in recognising employees and teams for their exceptional contribution to the growth of the organisation. Chandan Foundry would like its employees to enjoy their work experience and hence celebrations are encouraged for improving the work environment.

Performance Driven Culture

Goals are derived from the long-term strategy and cascaded from the organisation level to the individual employee level as part of performance planning. The organisation believes in providing continuous feedback for ensuring a high performance culture and ensures a fair appraisal process.

Learning Environment

The organisation provides numerous opportunities for learning through various structured on the job learning programmes. The Technical Staff ensures continuous skill upgradation on the functional side. Employees are encouraged to work on live projects at work and apply the knowledge they gain through learning interventions.