Customer Centricity - Corporate Values CFIC

Customer Centricity

Considering customers and their requirements as supreme, adapting to the changing needs of customers and walking the extra mile to provide customer delight at every touch point.

Building Blocks

  • Service orientation and attitude to provide the best in class service to customers at all times
  • Empathize with the customers’ point of view and meet the implied needs
  • Quality consciousness in all products, solutions and services
  • Proactiveness in anticipating and meeting customer needs
  • Agility in adapting and responding to customer requirements
  • Commitment towards exceeding customer expectations


Doing and saying the right thing at all times and in all circumstances to preserve the interest, image and dignity of the organisation.

Building Blocks

  • Honesty and ethics in each and every dealing at the workplace
  • Moral courage in standing up right, just and fair
  • Upholding the image and dignity of the organisation at all times
Integrity - Corporate Values CFIC
Transparency - Corporate Values CFIC


Ensuring honesty and clarity in all our communications, decisions and transactions to build a culture of trust and openness

Building Blocks

  • Openness in sharing information, rationale, feedback and intentions
  • Clarity and conciseness in all communication at all times
  • Timeliness in communicating information to all involved persons
  • Sharing relevant and appropriate information proactively to all stakeholders. Accuracy and preciseness in all communication
  • Consistency of words, actions and behaviours in all dealings
  • Truthfulness in all communications and conduct


Collaborating seamlessly within and across functions and businesses, by sharing ideas, leveraging individual strengths and inculcating a sense of oneness, to achieve organizational purpose.

Building Blocks

  • Trust in the intent, capability and commitment of one another
  • Create synergies by capitalizing on collective strengths and capabilities
  • Collaboration to extend and seek required support from one another in pursuit of a common goal
  • Co-ownership and shared responsibility for all the successes and failures
  • Mutual Respect for people, their views, knowledge, ability and time
Teamwork - Corporate Values CFIC
Innovation - Corporate Values CFIC


Thinking afresh and creatively, and challenging the status quo, to come up with new ideas, which when implemented would create value for the organization and its stakeholders

Building Blocks

  • Ideation through application of imagination, information and initiatives without fear of failure or rejection
  • Experimentation with different ideas to come up with breakthrough results
  • Value Creation for the organization and its stakeholders through successful implementation of feasible ideas and suggestions
  • Continuous improvement of processes, products and/ or ways of doing things

Corporate Values

  • Values are the essential and enduring tenets of an organization that guide the conduct of all employees in everything they do
  • Values form the foundation on which we build our organization. They are the guiding posts in our journey to achieve our purpose as an organization, never changing, despite changes in leadership, people, processes and technologies.
  • They are the heart of the organization and shape its culture and character by guiding all its decisions. All values are equally important to the organization’s legacy.
  • Values are not mere slogans or things we talk about.
  • Values are what we feel, we see and we act on.
  • Every single day of our lives and in every aspect of our lives.
  • Values give us a sense of pride in the organization and in what we do.