Mission & Vision


To achieve profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment. at the best prices.

The mission and aim of the company is to take active participation in the growth of Indian Economy, to fulfil the dream and goal of government through active industrialization. The company believes in effective use of man, machinery and materials, by using the high end technology and modern management practices, to maximise the productivity with consistent quality.

The organisation stresses on practice of honesty and integrity to achieve strong profitability.


“Be the preferred supplier & solution provider of metal castings to world’s leading companies”

  • The company always look forward to the Views, guidance, feedback for further growth and enhancement of business.
  • CFIC will continue to mobilise all resources and efforts to reduce cost in each area of operation by using internal benchmark and enhance the profitability, without compromising with quality.
  • CFIC is bound to improve the quality of life of human beings, including employees. customers, suppliers and communities that surround us.
  • CFIC is committed to increase its national and global presence to new heights by expanding the existing business as well as entering into new business in line with our core business.
  • CFIC is bound to create new image for its products and services to be known as brand.