Chandan Foundry & Industrial Corporation
Leading Manufacturer of Tractor Parts

Chandan Foundry & Industrial Corporation is a flagship of group of industries that was started under the aegis of Sh Inder Sain Garg, chairman, who planned for diversification from Ludhiana Expeller Industries, 1965 in the manufacturing of Grey Iron, C.I. castings & machined automobile parts, manufacturing of tractor parts, combine parts from the pioneer business of manufacturing oil mill machinery , which are supplied to oil mills all over India and abroad. Professionally managed by Mr.Harish Garg, a learned personality, & assisted by Mr. Kirti Garg with rich technical, marketing & financial acumen, targeting to develop the company truly for "world class global customer support"!

Our Mission & Goal

  • The Company has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of tractor parts and combine parts. It still remains a family business, holding belief in virtues of good quality keeping pace with latest technology.
  • A sizeable conglomerate, with recurring addition of capital investment year after year, is going ahead with extensive expansion program. Also expanding the export foray with due sight of global expectations of quality.
  • Coveted single source suppliers to many of O.Es.
  • Vying for a sizeable pie of exports in the international market.
  • To maximize efficiency and resources utilizing the company practices.
  • Advanced Professional Management Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Communicating and Decision-making.
  • Focus on Business Policies, Strategies, Technology and a quicker response system.
tractor parts manufacturer


All kinds of heavy duty Graded Castings

Commited to Quality, Committed to You.

We have been supplying tractor parts castings to OEMs which are basically DOL(Direct On Line) supplies.
We have a present capacity of manufacturing C.I. castings of 100 tonnes per month.

Chandan Foundry & Industrial Corporation
Tractor Parts Manufacturer

Quality Policy

Our company is committed to a standard to check manufacturing of each product at each and every stage of production adhering to our quality plan. This will ensure that we provide hallmark quality products that adhere to our customer requirement and specification. Stringent quality control forms the base of continuous improvement and is carried out at all stages of production.

A Stringent quality policy, which promises to

  • Supply quality castings
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Continual improvement
  • Enhance customer staisfaction
  • Adhere to application statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our plant facility includes

  • Hardness Testing Machine & Mould Hardness Testing.
  • Microscope For Microstructure Testing
  • Well-equipped Chemical Lab
  • 2 Ferro Labs
  • 2 Shot Blast Machines
  • Sand Mullar 500Kg(2)=300Kg(2)
  • In-house pattern repair shop

Machinery in our casting machine shop

  • Vertical Milling Machine (JYOTI 850)
  • CNC Turning Lathe( DX-250)
  • 14 Feet Lathe
  • Lathe Turning Centre
  • Radial Drilling Machine 40mm
  • Radial Drilling Machine 38mm
  • Balancing Machine 50kg
  • Balancing Machine 100kg
  • Milling Machine

Chandan Foundry & Industrial Corporation
Grey Iron Manufacturer

Supplying casting components

We are suppling casting components to leading OEMs and our suppliers are under DOL(Direct On Line) system.

Our main customers are International Tractor Limited, Sonalika(SOLIS)

Our company is also into oil mill machinery manufacturing since 1965, under the name of Ludhiana Expeller Industries.

Incoming Inspection

  • Incoming inspection is done with the status tag system.
  • Once the material is checked according to the quality plan and specification criteria, the expected products are tagged and sent to the store.
  • Having details about supplier, item, description, composition, quality, challan or bill no.
  • If material is rejected, information is sent back to the supplier for lifting the rejected material.

In Process

  • Metal control is monitored by our metallurgist with the help of digital carbon silicon analyzers during melting and pouring.
  • We also cast test bars of particular grade, required by our customers.
  • The test bars are checked after casting for mechanical strength .
  • We also check micro structure with the help of microscope of our castings
  • Control Mould and Sand: is monitored by continuous production sampling and laboratory testing which includes green strength, moisture as compatibility.
  • Mould hardness is maintained by mould hardness tester.

Final Inspection

  • Comformity of product is ensured by strict supervision under the trained team in the foundry.
  • Visual inspection is carried out at all times in the field on every product and finally confirmed with dimensional inspection according to the sampling plan.
  • The non conforming products at various stages of product realization are identified by tagging it as non confirming material, for which CAPA is generated and necessary action is taken.

List Of Machines

We have both conventional and automatic machinery by which we are providing the best quality machined casting components to our customers.

Chandan Foundry & Industrial Corporation
Leading Tractor Parts Manufacturer


tractor parts manufacturer


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Chandan Foundry & Industrial Corporation was started by Sh. Inder Sain Garg. Now this firm is running well under his son Mr. Harish Garg & grandson Mr. Kirti Garg.

We are suppliers and manufacturers of tractor parts, combine parts, Grey iron castings. Chandan foundry, as tractor parts manufacturers are committed to provide the best quality products worldwide.

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