Capacity & Capability

Production Capacity

1) Melting & moulding : 500 m.t. per month
2) Present utilized : 300 m.t. per month
3) Spare capacity : 300 m.t. per month (can be extended upto 800 m.t. per month on requirement).
  • The company has grown to be one of the leading manufacturer of Tractor Parts, Combine Parts, Auto Parts, including 2, 3 8. 4 Wheeler Parts, Light and Heavy Engineering Goods. It still remains a family business, holding belief in Virtues of good quality, keeping pace with latest technology.
  • A sizeable conglomerate, with recurring addition of capital investment, year after year, is going ahead with extensive expansion program. Also, expanding the Export Foray with due sight of globally expected quality
  • Our unit has a distinct accredation of ISO 9001:2015 and IAS accredited company.
  • Coveted single source suppliers to many OEs.
  • Vying for a sizeable pie of Experts in the International Market. we are on the move to scale new challenges presented by percolation of global management and future market trends, backed by professionals with commitment.
  • Land area is 48,000 sq.
  • CFIC has  a capacity to execute orders of a wide range of casting form 2KG to 250KG.
  • Our focus is usage of technology, functionality and quality.
  • We have taken steps for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and that is a key note for our sucess.
  • We have our in house pattern shop, where the new patters for new products are designed and taken further into production.

We Believe
in People,
Dreams & Vision.